Arunachal Pradesh is located within the foothills and the mountain ranges of the Eastern Himalayas. It is a piece of paradise which still remains on earth at the North Eastern tip of India. Its snow capped ranges, amazing natural wealth and beauty, turbulent rivers, rich flora and fauna, and also its friendly people and colourful cultures make Arunachal Pradesh a special tourist destination. The state is proud of having more than five hundred rare species of orchids. Angling, boating and rafting are possible on its mighty rivers as are trekking and hiking on its rugged terrains.

The sixth Dalai Lama was born on the soil of Arunachal Pradesh. A number of tribal groups constitute the total population of Arunachal Pradesh. The following are some of the places of tourist interest.



Bomdila is the district headquarters of west Kameng district. Standing at an altitude of over 2,530 mt., Bomdila has a craft centre, apple orchards and buddhist monasteries. There are also beautiful views of himalayan landscapes and snow-clad ranges.


Tawang stands at an altitude of 12,000 ft. above sea level. It is the land of the Monpa tribes and a major centre of the Mahayana Buddhism. 300 year old the Tawang monastery is considered to be the second largest buddhist monastery in the world. On the way to Tawang lies the world's second highest pass - The Sela Pass (at a breathtaking 14,000 ft) which runs through a small ridge and along a placid lake called the paradise lake.

Places to be seen :

300 year old famous Buddhist Monastery locally called "Gompa", craft centre producing very fine woolen carpets of colourful design and masks, PTSO lake & Tsongeswar lake.


The grandeur of Arunachal not only lies in its colourful tribes but also in its rich flora and fauna. Orchids find a pride of place and more than 500 species are to be found in Arunachal alone.

An Orchidarium has been set up to study this botanical paradise at Tipi (seven Kms from Bhalukpung) on the way to Bomdilla.

This is Asia's 3rd largest Orchidarium where you can see over 7,500 Orchids from a collection of approximately 300 species, some of them very rare.


Ziro is the HQ of lower Subansiri district. At 5754 ft. Ziro is almost a level valley enclosed on all sides by fine-clad low stooping hill. Home of the Apatani Tribe, Ziro is famous for paddy cum fish culture. The Apatanis are not slash & burn farmers, but they follow terrace cultivation. Ziro is ideal for trekking & hiking.


Daporijo is the HQ of upper Subansiri district, located on the right bank of river Subansiri. Daporijo is the junction of 03 important tribes :- Hill Miris, Tagins & Adi-Gallongs. The Adis are very accomplished weavers of cane goods. The excellence of their cane work shines supreme in the famous cane suspension bridges of Arunachal.

Daporijo is ideal for trekking & for the angling enthusiast the Subansiri river has a lot of trout & other fish.


Along is the HQ of west Siang district, located on the south bank of river Siang. It is the territory of the Adi tribe, one of the largest tribes in Arunachal with lots of subgroups. At Kamki 25 km from Along is the Indian Bison and Jersey Cow cross breading farm. Along is ideal for trekking, hiking and angling on the river Siang.


Pasighat is the HQ of west Siang distict, located on the right bank of river Siang. Pasighat is the oldest town of Arunachal. The Lali Wildlife Sancutary is located here where wild buffalo, tiger, sambar, wild ducks are found in plenty. Pasighat is ideal for trekking, hiking, river rafting, boating and angling on the river Siang.

Namdapha N P

Namdapha is one of the excellent National Parks in India located in the eastern end of Arunachal bordering Myanmar. Covering an area of about 2000 sq.km, Namdapha is a Project Tiger and it is reputed for harbouring all the four big Himalayan cats:Tiger, Leopard, Clouded Leopard and Snow Leopard.With altitudes ranging from 200 mtr to over 4500 mtr (accessible up to 850 mtr), the park has a habitat of tropical, temperate and alpine forests.

Namdapha offers great biodiversity of flora and fauna. There are more than 150 timber species. It is the home of the 'Abies delavavi' and 'Pinus Merkusi', which are not found elsewhere in India. It is also home to a wide numbers of Orchids of which 'Blue Vanda' deserves special mention.

Besides, the Park abounds in Elephant, black beer, Indian bison, several species of deer, reptiles and a variety of arboreal animals apart from the hoolock gibbon --- the only ape species found in India.

Interesting Species:

Ibisbill, Long- billed Plover, White-bellied Heron, Crested and Blyth's Kingfisher, Black-breasted Thrush, Slender-billed ScimitLunch at Barnala - Namdaphaar-Babbler, Snowy throated Babbler, Rufous-necked Laughingthrush, Pale Blue Flycatcher, Large-billed Leaf Warbler, Lesser Fish Eagle, Sultan Tit, Beautiful Nuthatch, White-naped Yuhina, Great, Wreathed , Rufous-necked and Brown Hornbills, White-cheeked Partridge, Pale-headed Woodpecker, Blue-naped Pitta, Collared Treepie, Wedge-billed Wren Babbler, Greater and Lesser Rufous-headed Parrotbills, Chestnut-backed Laughingthrush, Rufous-throated Fulvetta, Green Cochoa, Dark-sided Thrush etc.

Pakke Wild Life Sanctuary

Pakke Project Tiger is a magnificent Wild Life Sanctuary in Western Arunachal. With an area of 862 sq.km & altitudinal variation of 100-2000m (accessible up to 300 m), it is contiguous with Eagle Nest WLS of Western Arunachal and Nameri National Park of Assam.

Low land evergreen forest, shingle banks, farmland, & plantations form the vegetation of Pakke.

Interesting Bird Species:

Blue-naped Pitta, Crow-billed Drongo, Daurian Redstart, Emerald Cuckoo, Grey Peacock-pheasant, Ibisbill, Jerdon's Baza ,Lesser Shortwing, Leschenault's Forktail, Lesser Necklaced Laughing-thrush, Maroon Oriole, Pied Falconet , Ruby-cheeked Sunbird, Red-headed Trogon, Sultan Tit, White-bellied Yuhina, White-browed Shortwing , White-cheeked Hill-partridge, Wreathed and Great Hornbills, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher-warbler etc.

Eaglenest Wild Life Sanctuary

A magnificent wild life sanctuary, Eaglenest is located in the West Kameng district of Western Arunachal with an area of 218 sq.km & altitudinal variation of 500 m-3200 m from South to North. It is accessible up to its highest point though the motorable road stresses up to 2800 metres. This wild life sanctuary is accessible in the monsoons as well due to its location.

The vegetation consists of lowland evergreen forest, broad-leaved forest, bamboo, conifers, roadside scrub and farmland.

Interesting Bird Species:

Ashy Wood-pigeon, Bay Woodpecker, Beautiful Nuthatch, Black-faced Laughing-thrush ,Blue-fronted Robin, Beavan's Bullfinch, Brown Bullfinch, Brown-throated Treecreeper, Common Hill-partridge, Coral-billed Scimitar-babbler, Crimson-breasted Pied-woodpecker, Eye-browed Thrush, Golden Bush-robin, Grey-chinned Minivet , Little Forktail, Pied Falconet, Pale-headed Woodpecker, Rufous-bellied Hawk-eagle, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Rufous-bellied Bulbul, Rufous-breasted Bush-robin, Scaly Laughing-thrush, Sultan Tit, Temminck's Tragopan, Wallcreeper, Chestnut-headed, Grey-bellied and Slaty-bellied Tesias etc.

Entry Formalities:

The state of Arunachal is a Protected  area for foreigners. To visit this  state  they require the Protected  Area Permit (PAP) which we will take care of. For the Permit  the minimum no. required is two persons and the permit will be valid for 30 Days. The Arunachal Govt. charges USD 50  per head as royalty.

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