N.E. India has an unparalleled number of tribes with their distinctive cultures, traditions, beliefs, food habits and colourful attire. We have selected the two states of Arunachal and Nagaland for the tours which will help the tourists explore some of the most interesting and colourful tribes in India.

Arunachal has 26 major and several minor tribes where as Nagaland is the home to 16 major tribes along with other sub-tribes. We have prepared 01 itinerary for you. The tour is designed on a fixed itinerary.

However, if you think that the itinerary does not fall your way and you want us to design itineraries as per your schedule and tastes please feel free to contact us. We shall be glad to design a tailor made itinerary for you.

We have paid great attention to the quality of our tours with a professional touch. But it does not necessarily make the tours rigid. We create a friendly atmosphere in our tours to make you feel at home.

The following places are covered:

Arunachal Pradesh


Ziro is the HQ of lower Subansiri district. At 5754 ft. Ziro is almost a level valley enclosed on all sides by fine-clad low stooping hill. Home of the Apatani Tribe, Ziro is famous for paddy cum fish culture. The Apatanis are not slash & burn farmers, but they follow terrace cultivation. Ziro is ideal for trekking & hiking.


Daporijo is the HQ of upper Subansiri district, located on the right bank of river Subansiri. Daporijo is the junction of 03 important tribes :- Hill Miris, Tagins & Adi-Gallongs. The Adis are very accomplished weavers of cane goods. The excellence of their cane work shines supreme in the famous cane suspension bridges of Arunachal.

Daporijo is ideal for trekking & for the angling enthusiast the Subansiri river has a lot of trout & other fish.


Along is the HQ of west Siang district, located on the south bank of river Siang. It's the territory of the Adi tribe, one of the largest tribes in Arunachal with lots of subgroups. At Kamki 25 km from Along is the Indian Bison & Jersey Cow cross breading farm. Along is ideal for trekking, hiking & angling on the river Siang.


Pasighat is the HQ of west Siang distict, located on the right bank of river Siang. Pasighat is the oldest town of Arunachal. The Lali Wildlife Sancutary is located here where wild buffalo, tiger, sambar, wild ducks are found in plenty. Pasighat is ideal for trekking, hiking,& river rafting, boating & angling on the river Siang.



Mon is the district headquarter of Mon district.It is the home of the Konyak tribe located 275 km from Kohima via Mokokchung.The Konyaks are known for their skilled craftsmanship in the form of woodcarvings, making of headbrushes, headgears, necklaces, machetes, guns, gunpowder etc. The 'Aoling' festival is the most colourful festival of the Konyaks and it is celebrated in the first week of April.


Located 162 km. from Kohima with an altitude of 1325 mtr. Mokokchung is the capital of the traditions & culture of the Ao tribe of the Nagas. The two main festivals celebrated here are connected with cultivation. 'Moatsu', related to sowing, is celebrated in early May, & 'Tsungrem Mong', the harvesting festival is celebrated in the month of August.

The warrior dress of this tribe consists of the beautiful black & red hand woven shawl with its white decorated band which signifies the prowess over their enemies.


Touphema is located about 41 km from Kohima. This is a village of the Angami tribe. The village community has developed this village as a tourist village which is maintained by them. The festival of purification of the Angami tribe 'Sekrenyi', is celebrated annually in this village from 25 to 27 of February.

Kohima & Khonoma

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is located at an altitude of 1444 meters. It is a beautiful town historically known to the world for halting the Japanese forces in the World War II. The War cemetery is a must see.

Apart from that the museum is an interesting place and if you are interested in taking home some mementos then the Govt. Sales Emporium is the place where you will get the rich handloom & handicraft items including the famous Naga Shawls.

Located 20 km West of Kohima, Khonoma village is known for the valour, courage and fighting ability of its people in the past. The village is noteworthy for conservation of nature. This is an area where you may see the rare Blyth's Tragopan, the state bird of Nagaland.

Protected Area Permit (PAP):

The state of Arunachal is a Protected  area for foreigners. To visit this  state  they require the Protected  Area Permit (PAP) which we will take care of. For the Permit  the minimum no. required is two persons and the permit will be valid for 30 Days. The Arunachal Govt. charges USD 50  per head as royalty.

With effect from 1st January 2011 Protected Area Permit (PAP) required for foreign nationals has been withdrawn from  the 03  North - East Indian States of Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram  for a year. However, the tourists have to register themselves with the Foreigner's Registration Officer of the district they travel within 24 Hours of their arrival.

The rest 03 N.E.Indian States of Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura are free from the PAP regime. 


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